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Rat signs are loyal, entertaining, and interesting, which helps to keep a rat and rat relationship healthy and lively. Rat and rat relationships can often lead to potential business ventures and operations together, which can be successful, as rats work well together in high-pressure situations with their abilities to communicate with wit and intellect.

Rat Chinese Zodiac Personality

Rat and rat signs within Shengxiao often enjoy verbal games and intellectual stimulation, which helps to build compatibility when the two signs come together. Rats are not stingy and are generous to not only those they are dating and committed to within relationships, but to anyone they love, making for a truly satisfying relationship with the rat when generosity is reciprocated, even in sexual relationships.

The rat man in love and when dating is kind, giving, and quite generous, often giving gifts that are lavish including jewelry, trips, and even entertainment. Most rat men are a bit insecure when it comes to love in the Chinese zodiac and horoscope, so finding someone who he can truly trust is key, and a rat woman is ideal in most cases.

The rat man within Shengxiao often prefer to be with women who are gentle and have kind souls, allowing him to provide and protect them. However, this can be a negative trait for the rat man in relationships, as he is less likely to stay faithful to another for long periods of time, even if two rats are compatible and together.

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A rat woman's biggest fear is often being lonely, making her an ideal match for another rat man, who is also seeking security in love and romance when he dates. It is nearly impossible for the rat woman to emotionally sustain herself without a support group of friends and family or even a committed relationship. They truly work together as a team. Each one is aware of the other's strengths and weaknesses and understands how they fit together to complete each other. When one is down, the other instinctively knows what to do to lift those sagging spirits.

The dog is forever the watch guard over his rabbit mate.

He recognizes that his tender-hearted, sensitive lover can be easily hurt. The rabbit is so kind and gentle that other people often try to take advantage of what they perceive to be a weakness. That's not to say that the rabbit really needs protecting. She is quite capable of taking care of herself. She has wit and intelligence, but simply prefers a passive road over going headlong into conflict.

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The dog, on the other hand, is fearless and will jump into the fray, especially when his true love is threatened. The biggest obstacle the rabbit faces in winning over her lover is gaining his trust. It's the dog's innate nature to be distrustful.

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He understands how the world works and instinctively senses the dangers that lay in wait. Once the rabbit earns the dog's trust, she or he will have a true and loyal companion for life. Nothing and no one can ever seduce the dog away from his true love once he's given his heart.

There are other types of relationships for these two signs. These include parent and child, friends and coworkers. Depending on which sign is the parent and which is the child, this relationship could be a rollercoaster ride.


Both will need to learn how to overcome their shortcomings to keep the lines of communication open. Depending on the roles each play, a workplace relationship can be very fortuitous. This pairing will make an unstoppable career team.

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There is no in-between for these two friends. They are joined at the hip with mutual admiration. Each sees in the other the land attributes they lack.